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In the Istanbul cinema you can watch movies while lying in bed


Istanbul surprises city dwellers and guests with non-standard solutions. Recently, a cinema has opened in the city, in which comfortable beds are installed instead of chairs. Innovation is presented to the public in the cinema hall of the Cinemaximum network in one of the shopping centers.

Such an unusual idea is being realized in Turkey for the first time. The initiator of the innovation was the company CJ CGV from South Korea, recently received ownership of the media group Mars Cinema Club. Cinemaximum Cinemas are part of the group. Now marketers are tracking the demand for a new cinema. If the idea "shoots", similar halls will open in other cities.

In advance to judge whether the service will become popular, it is difficult. After all, one ticket for a "recumbent" seat will cost $ 40. But popcorn, cola and other non-alcoholic beverages can be ordered unlimited.

Картинки по запросу кинотеатр  лежа в постели 

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