Tea produced in Turkey is in demand in 93 countries

1 december 2017
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 According to the information of the Turkish Union of Exporters of the Eastern Black Sea region, in the first three quarters of 2017, 93 countries purchased tea from Turkey. The most popular flavored drink in Belgium (purchases of 8.7 million US dollars) and Ger

many ($ 6.1 million). A large share of exports of the product falls on Cyprus and Saudi Arabia ($ 1.8 million and 0.9 million, respectively).

Картинки по запросу Чай производства Турции

 The Turkish tea was appreciated by Canadians, Kuwaitis, Ethiopians,  Singaporeans, residents of Jordan, Senegal and many other countries.  The total revenue from tea sales abroad for this period was $ 21.7  million. This is the most important and largest source of income for the  entire Eastern European region of Turkey. About 70% of export supplies  go to the European Union. It is believed that Europeans bring home their l ove of 

 Turkish tea after visiting the southern republic.










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