"Turkish Airlines" are developing and improving

13 november 2015
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Turkish Airlines is called the flagship of Turkish aviation. The company is always several steps ahead of the competition. So, since June 2017, 30 flight attendants who have an international sign language will work on the sides of the airline. According to the press service THY, last year the company transported 6 thousand hard of hearing passengers, including children.

 A new skill for staff is very useful. "Turkish Airlines" was entrusted with the transportation of participants of the Deaflympics games, in which about 8 thousand deaf-mute athletes will participate. The event will begin on July 18 this year in Samsun (Turkey).

 We already wrote about the fact that Turkish Airlines received the Skytrax-2017 award as the best airline of Southern Europe. They wrote about the THY program called "Fly Good Feel Good". On this "Turkish Airlines" do not stop. The number of flights THY is growing, the quality of passenger service is improving. A representative of the company's management, Ilker Aiji, made public such statistics:

During the year, 69 million people use THY flights.
The earnings of Turkish Airlines in 2016 amounted to $ 1 billion. This year the amount is planned to be increased by 20%.
The increase in passengers for May 2017 was 7%, and freight traffic - 30%.
The company's fleet consists of 337 aircraft.
A few years later, THY plans to enter the top five of the world's best airlines in terms of cargo transportation.



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