Istanbul and Antalya are among the 20 most visited cities in the world

23 november 2017
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 Hong Kong, Bangkok and London are the three cities where thelargest number of tourists come. According to the results of attendance in 2016, Istanbul was on the 15th place, and Antalya - on the 29th. Good indicators, right?

The "Tourist Mecca" of 2016 is Hong Kong. It was visited by 25 million tourists. This statistics leads the bureau of analytics Euromonitor International. In general, the top 10 leaders are as follows:

Hong Kong (25.0 million foreign tourists);
Bangkok (23.3 million visitors);
London (19.8 million people saw the capital of the British Kingdom);
Singapore (17.6 million people visited the safest city in the world);
Dubai (the beauty of the man-made city was admired by 16.6 million tourists);
Macao (a unique region managed by China managed to visit 16.3 million tourists);
Paris (Eiffel Tower admired 14.3 million people);
New York (strangely enough, it was almost the end of the top 10 with 13.1 million tourists);
Shenzhen (another Chinese city on the border with Hong Kong was visited by 13.0 million people);
Kuala Lumpur (the capital of Malaysia was lucky to see 12.8 million people).
In the top 100 hit four of the Turkish cities:

Istanbul - on the 15th place with 9.2 million tourists;
Antalya - on the 29th place with 6.1 million tourists;
Edirne on the border with Greece - in 68th place with 2.8 million tourists;
Artvin - on the 85th position with 2.4 million visitors (despite the fact that the population of the town is only 23 thousand people, that is, one resident had more than 100 tourists).
They got into the first hundred and two Russian capitals. Moscow was on the 46th place with 4.5 million tourists. And Northern Palmyra, St. Petersburg, deserved the 70th place with 2.8 million visitors.

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