Turkey exports drinking water to 110 countries around the world

30 january 2018
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Turkey exports drinking water to 110 countries around the world
Turkey, rich in its water resources, natural spring water after being packaged, exports to 110 countries.

Hussein Mohammad Oglu, a member of the Board of Directors of the Association of Producers of Bottled Water, told Anatolia that the export of water is due to income of over 50 million dollars annually.

تركيا تصدر مياه الشرب إلى 110 دول حول العالم

"This sector in Turkey is growing at a rate of 3 to 4 percent annually," said Qara Mohammad Oglu, general manager of Pinnar Bottled Water Company.

He pointed out that the volume of water market in Turkey exceeds 11 billion liters annually.

Mohammad Oglu pointed to the difficulty of exporting water in general in the world, but Turkish water of high quality, has received increasing demand.

Turkish spring water is very popular, especially in Europe and the Arabian Gulf.

He explained that they are currently seeking to enter the Far East markets, especially countries such as China and India, which are densely populated and have difficulty in securing clean drinking water.

He noted that they sent a test shipment to China, and expected to start exporting to it by the middle of this year.





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