Be sure to try local food in Alanya!

6 may 2017
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It does not matter if tourists rent apartments in Alanya or rest in an all-inclusive hotel. We advise you to try the local cuisine in the catering establishments, and also to go to the market for fresh vegetables and fruits.

Most of the city's cafes and restaurants offer fresh and tasty food with local culinary specialties. When choosing an institution, it is better to focus on the number of Alans who sit at tables. The more of them, the better the quality of food. Feel free to come! In some restaurants, home delivery is available.

In the bazaars, we recommend buying seasonal products, as well as dried fruits and nuts. The Turkish feature is mobile markets. That is, traders, along with their vegetables and fruits, come to different markets on certain days of the week. Clarify the schedule at the hotel or those who live in the area permanently.

Shopping trolleys for products are popular with buyers, they can be purchased on the market. In the evening, food prices decline, but the number of people increases.

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