Turkish beaches are the cradle for turtles.

24 may 2017
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On the reserved Iztuzu beach, located in the region of Mugla, the first nests of the sea turtles of the carriage-carriage have been observed.

Thanks to the purest water, the long sandy beaches, good ecology, the huge sea turtles of the Caretta Caretta choose Turkey for their spawning, as an ideal breeding ground for the offspring. On the Mediterranean coast there are several beaches that are very popular among these reptiles, therefore they are carefully guarded by special organizations. For example, in the evening, when turtles come here, the entrance to such beaches is prohibited.

Center DEKAMER is engaged in research, rescue and rehabilitation of turtles, involving volunteers in its work. Last year, volunteers discovered and investigated more than 500 turtle nests per year.

Salvation of one such nest is the salvation of 1000 cubs, of which, of course, only one, having overcome all the dangers, can turn into an adult turtle.

May is the most active period when turtles come to their favorite beaches, dig nests 50-60 cm deep, lay eggs there and swim away. The incubation period lasts about 50 days, after which small turtles will have a serious struggle for survival.



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