Turkey - the country of the cheapest flights

26 june 2017
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According to one of the numerous ratings, Turkey was among the four countries with the most budgetary domestic and international flights. To fly 100 km, on average you need to pay 6.3 US dollars.

  The four leaders look like this:

1. Malaysia ($ 4.18 per 100 km of the route);
2. Bulgaria ($ 4.65 per 100 km);
3. India ($ 4.96 per 100 km);
4. Turkey ($ 6.28 per 100 km).

  80 countries participated in the study. Russia fell on the honorable 14th place ($ 7.6 per 100 km). And the most expensive air travel will cost in Belgium. There for 100 km of a way it is necessary to pay $ 54,5.




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