New features when buying or selling real estate in Turkey.

25 april 2017
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Of 02.05.2017 in the Turkish Republic comes into force a new law. According to their requirements, each building must be certified and obtain an energy-efficient passport. This document will become mandatory for the purchase and sale of residential properties. Otherwise, you can not conclude a sales contract.

Energy efficiency will be assessed in seven categories. Registration of passports will be compulsory for all buildings, including those constructed for 2011. Since 2011, homes have been built using energy efficient technologies and their classification in calculating energy efficiency will take into account materials from walls, floor, Type of heating batteries, windows and doors.

Experts say that innovation will affect the real estate market and will play into the hands of buyers. When you make a purchase you will receive more information about the apartment. On the other hand, things that have not issued passports can leave the market temporarily. More expensive will be housing, which is set the highest energy efficiency class

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