Restrictions on transportation of electronics in airplanes from Turkey to the USA are removed

9 july 2017
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The ban on the transportation of large electronic devices in the cabin of aircraft from Turkey to the United States was lifted. On July 5, the first flight to New York took place, at which "Turkish Airlines" announced a decision to passengers. People were allowed not to put laptops and tablets in their luggage. In the near future, it is expected to cancel similar restrictions on flights from Turkey to the UK.

 The ban was connected with terrorist threats and the danger of carrying airplanes of explosives into the cabin. Other measures were taken to ensure transport security. At the Istanbul airport, ClearScan scanners have been installed, which make it possible to detect suspicious substances and substances in hand luggage. The system is implemented and tested. Largely thanks to her, and it turned out to remove the restrictions. For reference: the ban on carrying on board electronics larger than mobile phones began operating in March 2017 and touched a dozen countries, mostly Muslim.

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