Turkey hit the 36th position in the ranking of the most favorable countries in the world.

8 april 2017
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The US News & World Report (USA) every year compiles a list of hundreds of the best countries. In total there are about 200 states on the geopolitical map of the world. According to the results of 2016, Turkey got to the important 36th place. A year ago the country was on the 30th position of the rating. The deterioration of positions is associated with a number of topical problems. For example, Turkey accepted a large number of refugees, survived a coup attempt, faced regional difficulties. The country is also being blamed for infringing upon the rights of minorities.

On the other hand, the Republic of Turkey in the ranking was higher than other countries due to the developed social programs (medicine and education), the anticipated economic growth and good investment prerequisites for foreigners. The country is noted for helping other states. So, Turkey is developing the wells of drinking water in the west of the Sudan - in a territory where people suffer from a lack of water.




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