Turkey - the world's first country for deposits of marble

2 october 2017
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 The Turkish Republic ranks first in the world in terms of  underground deposits of marble and the third in terms of its  extraction. Export of finishing material plays a significant  role in the country's income. This was stated by the press  Erol Efendioglu, the head of the Association of Marble  Producers.

 The development of the marble mining sector is not only an  honorable achievement, but also an important one for the  country's economy. In this sphere, more than 800 thousand  people are employed. Last year, the value of exports of  processed marble was $ 1.2 billion, and of untreated blocks  $ 0.8 billion. By the results of this year, sales are expected  to grow by 10%. Probably, the revenue from the export of  stone will exceed $ 2 billion. In the next 5 years, the growth  is planned to be 3.5 times. Virtually all states on the world  map are interested in Turkish marble.

 In the plans of manufacturers - to increase the supply of processed stone. With the untreated blocks of the case and so are unusually good. In this respect, Turkey has overtaken Italy, in which blocs have been extracted continuously since the time of the Roman Empire. To surpass the Italian miners in the supply of processed products, it is planned to use computer technologies more widely.

According to Efendioglu, about 7 million tons of marble blocks were produced in 2016, of which 4 million tons were exported.





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