Sand sculptures embody the wonders of the world and its legends in the Turkish city of Antalya

4 may 2017
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Festival director Jim Carraga said that the festival began to receive visitors on Monday and that it will display more than 150 statues inspired by the theme of this year's festival of "Wonders of the World and Myths".

Karaja told Anatolia that 20 artists from 12 countries were taking part in the festival. They used about 10 tons of sand to make their statues.

Among the monuments are the Eiffel Tower (in France), the Taj Mahal (in India), the Aztec Temples (in Mexico), the Great Pyramid (Egypt) and the Forbidden City (in China), as well as statues of popular legends around the world.

The festival also includes a statue of the popular resistance to the failed coup attempt in Turkey last year and a statue of the founder of the Turkish Republic, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk.

Karaja pointed out that the festival will be open to visitors throughout the year, to be the only sand sculptures festival in the world, which will continue throughout the year.

The director of the festival expects that this year's festival will attract about 150,000 people, saying that the number of foreign and Turkish visitors to the festival is increasing year after year.

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