Недвижимость в Газипаша

Gazipasa is a small town 40 km from Alanya, which has only recently begun to develop actively due to the fact that a new airport was built in it. And now it is much more convenient for owners of real estate in Alanya to use this particular airport, and not waste time traveling to Antalya.

Now there are not many foreigners in Gazipasa yet, and mainly the local population lives. But given the good climatic conditions, clear sea, this town will develop rapidly. Already now you can buy real estate on the sea at a very favorable price, until active construction begins here. This is an area where you can find a villa in a gated complex, and such a house will cost you less than a villa in Alanya. If you want to buy an apartment in Turkey inexpensively, then you should consider buying property in Gazipasa.

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