Turkish citizenship


There are many reasons to choose Turkey as your new residence or holiday residence.
But one of the important reasons for buying property in Turkey is the simplified scheme for obtaining citizenship.


There are several ways to obtain Turkish citizenship.

1. Marry a Turkish citizen and get citizenship after 3 years.

2. Based on residence in Turkey on a work visa for 5 years.

3. Open a company in Turkey and employ 50 Turkish citizens.

4. Buy securities, make an investment in a real estate investment fund, open a $500,000 deposit account.

5. 4. After 5 years of owning real estate, of any value, on the basis of a continuous five-year residence permit, you can apply for citizenship.

6. From September 19, 2018, foreign nationals are allowed to obtain Turkish citizenship through real estate investment, the value of which must be at least $250,000 (cadastral value). The term for obtaining citizenship is up to 6 months.


You can buy one or more properties that meet the criteria of the investment program:

1. New or resale residential property.

2. Objects under construction, subject to the availability of TAPU on independent parts of the object. In this case, the contract of sale of real estate must be notarized.

3. Commercial real estate (shop, office, etc.).

4. Land plots (land for residential or commercial development, household land, no more than 30 hectares).

5. You can invest in several different objects at once.


1. Officially work and open a business.

2. The right to vote.

3. Possibility to change the NAME.

4. Buy land without restrictions.

5. Medical care becomes more accessible.


1. The minimum amount of investment in real estate must be at least 250,000 US dollars of cadastral value. I want to note that in Turkey the cadastral value can differ significantly from the selling price. Always check if the object you are purchasing is suitable for obtaining citizenship. In Tapu, the cost is written in Turkish lira, so you need to pay attention to the exchange rate.

2. Purchase of property must be from a Turkish legal or natural person only.

3. All monetary transactions must be made officially from the BUYER's bank account to the SELLER's bank account, indicating the address of the object being purchased.

4. The object must be without encumbrances and a mortgage loan.

5. Real estate acquired for the purpose of obtaining citizenship cannot be sold for three years. After three years, you can sell the property, but it is important to know that the same property cannot be repurchased by citizens of the same country for the purpose of obtaining citizenship.
For example, if a citizen of the Russian Federation bought a villa and received Turkish citizenship, then he can no longer sell his villa to a Russian citizen in order to obtain citizenship.

6. The purchase must be confirmed by the Ministry of Environment and Urban Development (Çevre ve Şehircilik Bakanlığı).


1. One of the advantages is the minimum investment threshold. Previously, this amount was one million dollars, today this threshold has been reduced to 250,000 dollars.

2. Quickly obtain a Turkish passport.

3. It is allowed to have two citizenships in Turkey. Most importantly, find out if YOUR country allows you to have a second citizenship. For example, Russia allows, but Kazakhstan does not.

4. Citizenship can be obtained by all family members, spouse, children under 18 years of age, as well as children with disabilities of any age.

5. Turkish citizenship makes it possible to visit more than a hundred countries of the world without a visa, quickly obtain a visa to the USA and Great Britain.

6. And most importantly, it is a return on investment. After the buyer obtains citizenship, after three years he can sell his property. At the same time, Turkish citizenship is not canceled.


1. We choose an object suitable for the investment program. We sign a contract of sale.

2. Before receiving a TAPU (property document), a cadastral appraisal of the object is carried out. The cadastral value is estimated in Turkish Lira and must be at least $250,000 at the Central Bank rate.

3. After receiving Tapu, a residence permit is issued, after which an application for citizenship is submitted.

4. The term for obtaining a Turkish passport will take about 6 months.

! Obtaining TAPU, residence permit and citizenship can be carried out on the basis of a power of attorney issued to a lawyer.

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