What is iskan?

ISKAN is a document that confirms the possibility of using real estate or part of it (for example, an apartment in a residential complex) as a residential. To issue this document, you must have a TAPU, which is received at the city hall. The information component of the search is information about the real estate object: how many floors in the building, how many apartments, the area of the apartment being purchased, etc. There are 2 types of this document: Genel ISKAN and Ferdi ISKAN.

Genel ISKAN –Genel ISKAN) - permits that give the right to use the entire building. The developer must receive this document when putting the property into operation. Its presence indicates that the building was built in accordance with the construction standards of the state and according to the architectural plan of the city/village.

Ferdi ISKAN is a technical passport issued for a separate apartment. Registration takes place when buying real estate. Ferdi ISKAN is issued once and only when purchasing housing in a new building.

The company "ALTOP Real Estate" will take over the solution of all bureaucratic issues with the receipt of Ferdi ISKAN.

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