All about TAPU

* In accordance with Turkish law, TAPU (Tapu Senedi) is the only official document certifying the right to full and untimely ownership of a certain property, which can not be challenged by anyone, even in court. All other documents, including those certified by a notary, do not confirm the ownership of the purchased property.

* TAPU is a register sheet that is issued on the basis of a signed deed of purchase and sale of real estate, between the buyer and the seller. All information regarding real estate, the former and new owners is recorded in the cadastral book. Therefore, in case of damage or loss, it can be easily restored in the local cadastral chamber.

The transfer of ownership rights to a real estate object is carried out only at the place of purchase of real estate, in the office of the cadastral chamber, in the presence of a sworn interpreter. This procedure can also be carried out by an authorized representative, provided that there is a notarized power of attorney.

* By the time the TAPU is received, a full settlement must be made between the seller and the buyer, all state duties and taxes on the purchased property must be paid.

* TAPU comes in two colors. TAPU of red color - certifies the ownership of a finished or not finished building, and blue color - for a land plot, without development.

* Citizens of the Republic of Turkey and foreigners have equal rights to property.

* TAPU can be issued for several people, whose ownership share may be different. Each of the owners has the right to donate or resell their share to third parties without the permission of the co-owners. Minor children can also be entered in the TAPU.

* The TAPU does not specify the area of residential real estate, but only the area of the land plot.

*To obtain a TAPU, you do NOT need to issue a residence permit.

* After receiving the TAPU, in the municipality, you will need to issue a technical passport "iskan" for an apartment, after which you will be able to renew a subscription for water and electricity in your name.

* Innovations concerning the procedure of registration of real estate ownership and the appearance of the certificate of ownership


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