Full transaction support

We strive to do everything to make the purchase of real estate in Turkey profitable and safe for you!

Why is it SAFE with ALTOP Real Estate?

1.We directly represent the most reliable developers and property owners.

2.We have the most complete and reliable real estate database in Alanya, where you can find both budget and luxury housing, commercial real estate, land plots and a number of investment projects.

3.We provide full support at all stages of the acquisition of real estate.

4.When concluding a transaction, a trilateral agreement is signed in English and Turkish.

5.We are responsible for the legal purity of the real estate purchase and sale transaction.

6.If you have any questions, you can always get professional advice from our specialists.

Why is it PROFITABLE with ALTOP Real Estate?

1.We sell real estate directly at the prices of developers, WITHOUT COMMISSION for the buyer.

2.When selecting real estate, we focus exclusively on the request and wishes of the buyer and do not impose the purchase of a specific object.

3.We do not charge an additional fee for assistance in obtaining a TAPU, a technical passport for an apartment, subscriber numbers for electricity and water supply.

4.We provide the most convenient and flexible payment schedule for our customers.

5.We rent real estate at the best price, cleanliness and order in your apartment are provided.

6.Your guaranteed annual income will be about 5% of the real estate value and even more!

7.When buying furniture and household appliances, you will receive discounts and bonuses in stores with warranty service, which our agency recommends.

Why is it COMFORTABLE with ALTOP Real Estate?

1.We provide the service of an individual Free study tour for 3 - 4 days.

2.We will fully organize your trip: booking a hotel room, transfer from /to the airport.

3.Before and after the purchase, a qualified personal english-speaking manager works with you, advising on all issues that arise.

4.We provide assistance at all stages of mortgage loan registration in a Turkish bank, we will help with translation and notarization of documents. During the purchase and after it, you can always count on the help of our employees: in obtaining a residence permit, opening a bank account, paying current payments and taxes, preparing an apartment for the arrival of the owners, organizing a transfer from / to the airport, buying furniture, renting / buying vehicles and much more that you need for a comfortable and carefree stay in sunny Alanya!

We are sure that with the help of our company ALTOP Real Estate, your family will have a new second home by the sea, which will delight you with its warmth, comfort and summer holiday all year round!

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Хотите продать свою недвижимость?
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