How to buy property in Turkey. The procedure for purchasing property in Turkey

30 november 2023
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From the dream of a house on the Mediterranean Sea to its realization – just a few steps.

By contacting the agency "ALTOP Real Estate", you will be surprised how easy and pleasant it can be to go through the whole process of choosing and purchasing real estate in Turkey.


The most difficult task is to choose your dream home from the variety of objects that are collected in our portfolio. After all, each buyer has its own criteria, which it is better to determine in advance and inform the agent about it. Do you need proximity to the city center or is silence and mountain air more important? How important is walking distance to the beach, or do you agree to take a little walk through the sunny streets of Alanya? Are you ready to consider offers on the secondary real estate market or do you want to move into a new apartment where no one has lived yet? Is it essential to have a swimming pool on the territory of the complex? How much are you willing to pay for the annual maintenance of real estate?

There are a lot of questions. In advance, of course, you can get acquainted with the options on the Internet and consult with specialists by phone, but only on the spot will your impressions of this or that apartment or villa in Alanya become complete. Photos and even videos do not convey an accurate picture. The most effective way to choose a property in Turkey is a inspection trip, which is why we always invite you to come to us in Alanya. Especially if you are planning to buy Turkish real estate for yourself, and not just for renting or investing.

Even in 3-4 days you will be able to learn more about the city, districts, see with your own eyes typical apartment options, feel the atmosphere, understand how comfortable it will be for you to live or relax here. You will ask all the questions directly to the specialists from the agency, besides, take a closer look at how much you can trust the company.

Where is the office located? What kind of people work there? How are potential customers treated? We undertake the entire organization of the inspection trip. It is enough for you to agree with us the date of arrival, we will order a transfer from / to the airport, and we will also accommodate you for 3-4 days in a 4* hotel with breakfast and dinner or in a comfortable apartment in Alanya. Subject to the purchase of real estate, we pay for accommodation and transfer. Learn more about the inspection tour


 After you decide on the choice of real estate in Alanya and make a purchase decision, we will prepare and sign a contract of sale. To do this, it is enough for you to have a passport with you and make an advance payment in the amount of 5-10% of the total value of the property. If you are on vacation, and you do not have such an amount, then the deposit may be 1000 euros, with the condition to pay the rest of the amount in a short time. The contract of sale is drawn up in three identical copies, in two languages, English and Turkish, contains information about the purchased real estate, the seller, the buyer and our company "ALTOP Real Estate". We guarantee that the purchased property does not have any encumbrances, debts, we control the registration of all necessary documents for the property at all stages.


The procedure of registration of real estate ownership for foreigners in Alanya, today takes from 15 to 20 days. The procedure of registration of documents is very simple. The most important thing is that by the time the TAPU (property document) is received, a full settlement must be made between the seller and the buyer, all state duties and taxes on the purchased property have been paid.

Before obtaining a Certificate of ownership (TAPU), it is necessary:

3.1. Conduct an expert assessment of the cadastral value of the object

The cost is 2000 Turkish lira. The time of receipt is 2-3 days.

3.2. Get a Turkish tax number

It is issued online or at the tax inspectorate of Alanya. This procedure is free and will take only a few minutes. INN (Vergi numara) you will need in the future to open an account in a Turkish bank, obtain a residence permit in Turkey, pay taxes.

3.3 Pay all taxes and state duties

Additional costs when registering real estate in the property are as follows:

          - Payment of the purchase and sale tax of 4% of the value specified in the TAPU.

          - Submission of documents and Cadastral fees

          - Translation services - 500 TL, which is about 50 Euros.

3.4  Issue a TAPU by proxy (optional)

If for some reason you cannot be present at the execution of the transaction, this can be done by proxy. It is advisable to draw up a Power of Attorney to obtain documents from a notary, the translation will be done by an official sworn translator at the notary. If there is a Power of Attorney, the employees of the company "ALTOP Real Estate" will be able to issue a TAPUin your name without your presence. TAPU will be stored in the office in the company's safe, and will be handed over to you personally, as the owner, as soon as you arrive in Turkey again. In addition, the presence of a power of attorney will free you from unnecessary hassle when registering a technical passport (Oturma Iskan), water and electricity meters in your name. The cost of the service is about 150-200 Euros.


The transfer of ownership from the seller to the buyer takes place in the Cadastral Office in the presence of the buyer, seller and sworn translator. The parties may be represented by a third party on the basis of a power of attorney.


New housing in Turkey must be registered with a new owner. There are several basic actions:

- Registration of a technical passport for the apartment "oturma iskan" (issued 1 time when housing is put into operation). Since 2020, the developer has been registering, but the costs are paid by the buyer.

 - Mandatory DASK insurance – about 5-10 euros per year;

 - Registration of water and electricity meters - the cost is from 50 € to 100 €, depending on the selected object, as well as the type of housing – new or secondary.

 - Internet connection. All the documents listed above can be issued by proxy.

After the successful conclusion of the transaction, we continue to support our clients, help to equip new housing and adapt to a foreign country, which is quickly becoming a second home.

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