Buying real estate in Turkey on credit

Buying property in Turkey without having the full amount of money can be done in two ways: by installments or with a mortgage.

The benefits of installments are obvious, you do not need to collect any documents, confirm your creditworthiness and pay additional fees. To buy property in Turkey, you only need to have a passport and a small amount of money for the down payment.

Today, many construction investors are ready to offer their customers interest-free installment payments, from 6 months to 2 years. When signing the contract, the conditions and payment plan are discussed, the payment amount is fixed. You can become an owner and get TAPU only after paying the full amount.

The benefits of a mortgage.

The most important thing is that taking a loan, you register the property and get TAPU. You can use your housing without any restrictions, gradually paying the remaining amount to the bank. A mortgage loan can be issued for a period of 10 years, but do not forget that until the loan is fully repaid, your property will be secured by the bank.

To obtain a mortgage loan, you can contact the following banks: DenizBank, Garanti Bank, Fortis Bank, HBSC Bank and many others. Since 2018, the loan is issued only in Turkish lira. The conditions for obtaining and servicing a mortgage loan may differ depending on the chosen bank.

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