What additional costs will you have to incur when buying a property in Turkey?

Many buyers are worried about what will be the final amount that will have to be spent on buying real estate in Turkey? The main expenses consist of two components: the price of the property itself and the costs associated with its registration in the property.

When buying a home in Turkey, it is worth clarifying what is included in the stated cost. Most often, new properties in Alanya are sold with a fine finish, with a built-in kitchen set and plumbing. Furniture, household appliances, air conditioners and even textiles can also be a bonus. The exact costs of real estate registration in Turkey depend on the type, size and cost of a particular object. Below is a list of basic expenses with approximate prices:

  • payment of a one-time real estate tax – 4% of the cadastral value of housing;
  • state earthquake insurance DASK – 5-15 Euros per year;
  • services of a notarized translator for obtaining TAPU - about 50 Euros;
  • ISKAN registration - 200-250 euros (issued 1 time when the house is put into operation)
  • connection to electricity and water supply systems – 50-100 Euros;

In addition, do not forget about the cost of maintaining real estate in Turkey:

  • the property tax is about 0.2% of the property price indicated in the TAPU, per year;
  • Aydat (monthly maintenance of the complex) - from 30 liras per month, depending on the quality of the amenities of the complex where the property is located. The amount is set by a general vote of the tenants at the annual meeting;
  • Utility bills – from about 0.9 to 1.25 lira per kW of electricity and from 3.25 lira per cubic meter of water.

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