Arabs are more foreigners buying homes in Turkey during the first quarter of 2017

27 april 2017
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According to the statistics of the Turkish Statistics, the Iraqis occupied the first place by buying 884 houses, followed by the Saudis in second place with 435 houses, and Kuwaitis third with 368 houses.

Afghans bought 300 houses and occupied fourth place, followed by the Russians in fifth place with 252 houses in Turkey

The number of houses sold to foreigners in all Turkish cities, during the first quarter of this year, 4 thousand and 270 houses.

Istanbul topped the list of the most popular Turkish real estate markets for foreigners. The number of homes sold reached 1,478, accounting for more than one-third of all homes sold to foreigners across the country.

The Mediterranean state of Antalya was ranked second, with 856 houses, and Bursa in the west by 380.

The city of Yalova near Istanbul ranked fourth with the sale of 212 houses, while the capital Ankara, the fifth with 204 houses, and the sixth market by 191.

The figures of the statistics of the decline in the sale of real estate to foreigners during the first quarter of this year, by 8%, compared with the same period last year 2016.

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