Osmanli majun - Turkish sweets with a history

28 december 2016
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In Turkey, still enjoying the popularity of candy, the recipe of which was developed almost 600 years ago. They are called mahun osmans, they are sold with different tastes and in different colors. The seller of these sweets can be found simply on the street, in public and popular historical places, at events and children's parties.

In translation, "majun" means paste. According to legend, sweets have rejuvenating properties. They say if a woman who entered the age of maturity, give them 40 days and 40 nights (a magic figure!), Then there is an opportunity to regain youth again!

The original recipe, which manufacturers are trying to use up to now, includes about 20 components. Among them - fruits and fragrant spices. Ingredients are mixed with sugar, brought to a boil and cooked until thick. Usually simultaneously prepare a sweet pasta of several different flavors and colors. Ready paste is poured into a tray with high sides and several compartments. When it becomes sticky, the seller uses a special spoon to form sweets and offer them to customers.



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