Turkey's mobile phone imports exceed $ 23 billion over 10 years

13 february 2018
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The value of mobile phones imported by Turks from abroad, more than $ 23 billion, between 2007 and 2017.

According to information released by the Turkish Statistics Agency, the number of imported mobile phones, 142 million and 400 thousand mobile phones, between 2007 and 2017.

The value of imported mobile phones is twice that of the new Istanbul airport, the world's largest airport, costing $ 12.8 billion.

In terms of the number of imported phones, 2007 was the most import of telephones, amounting to 15 million and 800 thousand mobile phones.

The biggest money paid for imported mobile phones was in 2015, with users paying $ 3 billion.

The number of mobile phones exported by Turkey amounted to 3 million 374 thousand and 449 phones between 2007-2017, amounting to 297 million and 474 thousand and 478 dollars.

واردات تركيا من الهواتف النقالة تتجاوز 23 مليار دولار خلال 10 سنوات




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