Donner kebab is loved not only in Turkey, but also in Australia

20 january 2018
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Картинки по запросу Донер-кебаб 

The Turkish national dish donner-kebab is more known to us as shaurma, or shaverma. He is called a visiting card of Turkish cuisine. Donner kebab is very popular in Australia. In this country it is offered as a fast food in mobile trailers - caravan-kebabs. Some such snack bars are open around the clock.

In the cities there are about 3 thousand kebabs, the dish is in great demand among buyers. In Australia, it was brought by migrants from Turkey about 50 years ago. Donner kebab is not the only dish of Turkish cuisine that can be bought in the streets of Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne and other Australian cities.

Donner kebab - chopped meat (chicken, lamb or beef) with vegetables and herbs wrapped in pita bread. At us it is considered as a snack. In Turkey, the taste of the dish is much more authentic and appetizing, it is served even in restaurants. One of the modifications of donner-kebab is called "exciter". It is an expanded bread cake, laid on a plate, sprinkled with meat, seasoned with tomato sauce and special yoghurt. It is believed that the recipe originated from the city of Bursa, although the donner kebab is very common throughout Turkey. And in Europe it is common.

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